Mattress Pro | The #1 Outdoor Mattress

Mattress Pro | The #1 Outdoor Mattress

Mattress Pro | The #1 Outdoor Mattress

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Sleep like the king of the jungle in the great outdoors! Just because you're out in nature doesn't mean you have to sleep on stones! Grab our ultra-comfortable inflatable camping mattress and make sure you sleep like a king!


 🏕️ Extremely durable  

We nature lovers have experienced many times that sleeping surfaces crack, get holes and get destroyed. With our product, we have made sure that this will no longer be a problem. We therefore use two layers of a highly durable and resistant material that is both light and water resistant.

🏕️ Very light

A standard outdoor sleeping surface weighs approx. 1-2 kg! And you're going to carry this for the whole day. We think this is ridiculous! Our pre-packed and ready-to-walk air mattress weighs under 500 g!


🏕️ Maximum comfort

Do you feel that you get back and neck pain every time you go camping or out for a walk in nature ? We don't think this should be a problem anymore. That is why with the help of thousands of people, we have tested our air mattress to really make sure that it is comfortable to lie on. It has therefore achieved the highest consumer satisfaction on the market for its comfort.

It consists of 144 insulating and flexible air pockets that shape in relation to the body and allow you to sleep comfortably on any surface.

🏕️Wind & Water Proof

Secure your mat with the four included pegs that pin down at each corner. No need to worry about being blown away or the mat getting disheveled by the wind.The material is also waterproof so any drink spills or rainwater beads up and can easily be wiped away. 

🏕️ Built-In Pillow

 Our goal is for you to have a good night sleep when camping, that is why our mattress comes with a pillow for maximum comfort.  

🏕️ Protects against cold

The body absorbs cold from the ground 10 times faster than from the air. The last thing you want when you camp outside is that your base does the same. That is why we have developed an air mattress with an ergonomic design that, with its smart system with several bearings of materials, reduces the amount of body heat absorbed by the cold ground. 


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